Is the icing on the cake to make your trucking company 100% passive. Our fleet managers are very knowledgeable about the trucking industry. Most of them are former drivers so they have more of a birds view when it comes to fleet management. With our management piece we are able to be your back office for your trucking company. One thing about trucking is that it’s a lot of extensive paperwork that can be detrimental of not properly handled. Our support staff is dedicated to be at your assistance during your entire process.

start up company

During our on-boarding process we give our clients adequate help from the day you are thinking about getting into the trucking industry until your first load. We will be able to assist you with getting your MC/DOT numbers, Boc-3 . We will be able to assist you with finding a truck/trailer, factoring/fuel cards, Insurance, and much more. Also we will be able to search for drivers and interview them on your behalf. We just don’t stop there we will actually conduct the driver’s road test and host an orientation for your company. We will make starting your trucking company a great experience.

Driver placement

We have an excellent team of dispatchers. We pride ourselves in honing in on our negotiating and strategic skills. When it comes to dispatching it’s more than just booking a load. You have to make sure you are getting the top dollar. We find the hot regions through thorough research of the market. Over the years we have developed relationships with many brokers , so even new entities are able to get top paying freight by is leveraging our name.